John Hickenlooper seems to have forgotten that he’s just the governor of Colorado and not it’s Supreme Leader.

In a recent interview with Colorado Public Radio, Hick expressed deep frustration with Attorney General Cynthia Coffman for having joined a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency to stop the implementation of President Barack Obama’s controversial Clean Power Plan. He even went as far as to question whether Coffman could do such a thing without his permission.

Well, we have news for you Governor, she can. Cynthia Coffman

Coffman’s job is to uphold the rule of law and her responsibility is to the people of this state. Yes, the Attorney General’s office is obligated to represent the governor if he gets sued. However, there have been plenty of instances where the AG disagrees with the administration and the Governor has been forced to seek outside counsel.

Hick’s willful ignorance is especially stunning given that Coffman laid this all out for him over an entirely different issue in May. Next thing we know, he’s going to be acting all shocked that people don’t avert their eyes and bow down to him when he passes them in the halls.