Today is the 14th anniversary of 9/11 and the horror and pain felt by the nation is just as sharp today as it was the first year. In part, it’s because we have the phone calls and text messages, tangible evidence of the goodbyes, but also because it was a senseless attack on civilians. Those 2,977 people who died on September 11, 2001 simply made the “mistake” of going to work or getting on a plane that day. And, so we remember them and hold their families and friends who have lost so much in our prayers today as we do each 9/11.

Without further ad0, we have compiled a few of the statements and posts today about 9/11 from some of Colorado’s politicians. Here is a statement from House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso:

“The tragic events of 14 years ago forever scar this day with the shock and painful memories. Yet the in the wake of horrific tragedies, we see the virtues that define our heroes. As we recognize the September 11th anniversary, I encourage everyone to reflect on the incredible courage so many Americans displayed on that day, and feel comforted that courage of that magnitude exists in all the brave service members and first responders protecting our great nation today.”

Here are a few Facebook posts:

911 Buck


911 lamborn


911 Tipton