Just another SEIU protest

Just another SEIU protest

Earlier this week, the Service Employees International Union staged a rally to force employers to cough up a $15 per hour minimum wage, citing that other cities like Seattle and San Francisco have a $15 per hour minimum wage. Since left is tripping over itself suggesting that Colorado also should have $15 per hour minimum wage, we thought it would be helpful to remind Colorado why the union cares so, so much about minimum wage. It’s not because unions are so concerned about the underdog or the little guy, it’s because their members’ wages often are pegged to the minimum wage and union dues are pegged to their members wages.

Thus, a minimum wage hike means more money for unions to blow on fat cat salaries and political campaigns that their members do not agree with.

Wall Street Journal op-ed penned by Richard Berman from the Center for Union Facts also explained how this works.

The labor contracts that we examined used a variety of methods to trigger the increases. The two most popular formulas were setting baseline union wages as a percentage above the state or federal minimum wage or mandating a flat wage premium above the minimum wage.

Other union contracts stipulate that, following a minimum-wage increase, the union and the employer reopen wage talks. The negotiations could pressure employers and unions to hammer out a new contract, regardless of how long their existing contracts last.

Please remind your friendly leftists that unions care only about the minimum wage because it would give their bottom line a boost. That’s your weekly PSA, PeakNation™.