Train_wreck_at_Montparnasse_1895Building a Better Colorado, a campaign for liberals to fundamentally change Colorado’s constitution and, then, prevent further changes, met an icy reception at the Western Slope’s Club 20 meeting over the weekend. This is what Rep. Don Coram told the Denver Post about the sales pitch:

“It’s not going to fly over here. This is just a vehicle to try to get rid of TABOR.”

In addition to dismantling TABOR, this initiative aims to rework how Colorado redistricts, to rejigger campaign finance, to rid Colorado of term limits for elected officials, and, then, to tighten the ballot initiative process.  In short, this campaign aims to usher in a host of left-leaning policies, and, then, rework the ballot initiative process so that no new policies can be made.

It’s all being sold as a way to make Colorado “work better”, but Duncan McArthur, a Councilman from Grand Junction summed it up best:

“They can’t get consensus on everything. We have problems in this state, but they’re going to have a difficult time passing anything that takes money out of people’s pockets.”

And, that’s really what Building a Better Colorado is about – taking power from the people and handing it over to the government. We can’t think of a time where that’s actually benefited the people.