wildearthLawyers for the radical environmental group WildEarth Guardians have yet another Colorado coal mine in their sights, along with its 180 jobs in rural Moffat County.  After Senator Bennet’s embarrassing response to his supporters attack on the Colowyo Mine this summer, we are left to wonder how he will eventually come down on this issue.  Is he going to side with fringe special interest groups, or middle-class Coloradans?  It was a tough decision for him just a few short months ago.

The Trapper Mine has been operating in Craig, CO since 1977, producing approximately 2.3 million tons of coal annually.  According to the Denver Business Journal, the mine’s 180 employees earn more than $22 million in wages and benefits – not an insignificant sum in northwest Colorado.

Not that the well-being of rural Coloradans or our state’s economy was ever a concern of the WildEarth Guardians.  Pushing an extreme environmental agenda and collecting legal fees has been the organization’s priority from the outset of their bizarre campaign, and they found a willing participant in the form of President Obama’s militant Environmental Protection Agency.

That said, Colorado’s attention now turns to Senator Bennet.  Will he be able to withstand the pressure from Democratic special interests that want to shut down this mine and send 180 rural Coloradans to the unemployment line?  Sadly, as we saw with Bennet’s indecisiveness on the Colowyo Mine, what should be an easy decision to support Colorado is a very difficult choice.