Carroll FundraisingEarlier this year, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Colorado Democrats criticized Rep. Coffman for fundraising off of the Veterans Administration scandal (he wasn’t) because he sent an email asking people to sign a petition so he could continue to fight for veterans that later redirected visitors to an online donation page.  Coffman unequivocally has been a top champion for veterans and for the building of the new VA hospital. But, it looks like Democrats forgot their critique because they just engaged in similar fundraising for liberal State Sen. Morgan Carroll.

See the letter to the right.

When you click on the links to the letter, it takes you to a page to fill out your information and then once you submit information to a fundraising page. It’s exactly the same set up that the left criticized Coffman for doing.

But, here’s the difference.

Coffman has some serious advocating for veterans bona fides. As for Carroll?  Not so much. Coffman is elected to an office that can directly impact the building of the VA hospital and he’s used that position as a platform to do just that. Carroll is not. In short, Coffman can legitimately ask to be re-elected to a position in which he can advocate. Carroll is just a straggler to the issue.

We assume that Colorado Democrats also will be appalled by Carroll’s use of veterans for fundraising and that The Denver Post will report on it, just like they did with Coffman.

Finally – and unrelated – we also assume that KMGH-TV will nail Carroll on her logo, the way the television station did with Bob Beauprez.  It is our experienced opinion that those mountains do not resemble Colorado mountains, despite the fact that they are cartoons.