ditchU.S. Sen. Cory Gardner has joined efforts in D.C. to put a stop to that ridiculous new rule out of Washington regulating the ditches in our front yards, ponds in the back, and probably every mud puddle in between.

The grandiose scheme to obliterate state sovereignty over waters law, commonly referred to as Waters of the United States, is another brainchild of the agency we love to hate most – the EPA.

Gardner has signed onto legislation that would nullify the rule, which has also been slammed down by a federal judge and temporary halted in 13 states including Colorado.

 “It represents a major encroachment into the rights of states to govern their own waterways, and drastically expands the federal government’s power at the expense of farmers, ranchers, and all Coloradans concerned with local control of our water supply,” Gardner said in a statement.

Kudos to Gardner for working to stop this outrageous water grab by the EPA. Seriously, we don’t need any more of their help.