We’ve been aggressively slamming a newly formed political organization called a “Building a Better Colorado” that is gearing up to implement some major Democrat-driven reforms including: dismantling TABOR, altering campaign finance laws, changing term limits, restricting ballot access and revamping the way we do redistricting in the state. bbc copy

But after seeing some of the rambley, disorganized draft documents this group is presenting around the state, we’re a lot less concerned that they will be able to gain any traction.  See for yourself: Better CO FinanceBetter CO ElectionsBetter CO Initiative.

We’re talking upwards of 38 pages that wax poetically about potential policy changes, listing out pros and cons of each. They give several options of how to address each major item on their agenda and then list out sub categories under each one. It’s super confusing and not at all sellable to a large audience. In fact, the dribble in these documents is barely interesting enough to keep the political class engaged, yet along the general public.

In fact, the only thing that was clear after reading through all their materials is that OnSight Public Affairs, the firm hired to run Building a Better Colorado, is just fleecing some rich guy to create an expensive campaign.  Our prediction: this won’t grow legs anytime soon.