champaigneA half-million sage grouse dispersed throughout the West will not be declared as a nearly extinct species by the federal government in what is being hailed (by us) as a major victory for mankind, and a crippling defeat for Big Green.

Also in mourning is the Denver Post’s Bruce Finley, who whined that:

It marks a shift after the feds in 2010 determined grouse needed protection under the Endangered Species Act to survive onslaughts of agricultural, housing and industrial energy development.

An onslaught? Seriously Bruce?

The decision would have put 1.7 million acres of Colorado ranches and sagebrush off-limits to energy development and ranching activities, as well as energy production required to power civilization.

All told, 165 million acres across the west would have suffered extreme economic consequences.

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell will announce her decision next week in Colorado at the Rocky Mountain National Park.

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner commended her decision and said in a statement that management of the birds should be left to individual states. Colorado has spent $60 million to protect the species.

That’s all for now, we’re going to go celebrate this victory before Big Green gets their panties in knot and files a lawsuit against the government to overturn the decision.