Serious dependence on fossil fuel transportation methods has always been problematic for the radical environmental lobby. Whether it’s using personal jets to fly their executives across the country or relying on gas hogs for protests, enviros over and over have been critiqued for not backing up their shrill words with substantive actions.

Yesterday was no different. According to a photo sent to us by a loyal reader, a group of environmentalists showed up at an Environmental Protection Agency hearing on methane emissions with what looks like a Dodge Ram 1500, pulling a two-thousand pound trailer with a sign on it. See below.

Methane EPA hearing

According to our in-depth, exclusive research, Dodge Ram 1500s typically get 18 miles per gallon.  With that giant sign, perhaps the miles per gallon is a little lower at 13 or 14 miles per gallon. Perhaps our radical left-wingers first should demonstrate their commitment to the environment by their own actions before forcing the rest of us to submit to their control over our everyday lives.

Then again, a Prius probably doesn’t have the towing capacity that a Dodge Ram does, which is exactly our point.