Look who broke House rules and used her cell phone to take pictures of the Pope during his congressional address this morning.

No one in Colorado’s delegation is Catholic, we checked, but nearly everyone attended to hear the Pope pontificate on matters of political and environmental importance.  Sen. Cory Gardner is Lutheran, Rep. Mike Coffman is Methodist, DeGette is Presbyterian, Rep. Doug Lamborn is Christian, Ed Perlmutter is Protestant, Jared Polis is Jewish, Scott Tipton is Angelican, Ken Buck is listed as Christian and U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is listed as “Unspecified.” Only Buck was unable to fly back to Washington, D.C. to attend the speech, because he’s having back problems.  However, Buck also took to Twitter to welcome the Pope:  

Gardner also shared his experience via Twitter:  

 Coffman welcomed Coloradans to the event:

And from Polis … well, it’s all about Polis: