Senate Brew TeamWhile partisanship often rules the day, there’s one thing that unites Republicans and Democrats – beer. This past weekend at the Great American Beer Festival, the Colorado State Senate and Cannonball Creek won the second annual Hop the Vote contest. According to a press release, the Hop the Vote competition, presented by the Colorado Brewers Guild, is “spirited but friendly brewing competition held between the Colorado State House and Senate”. The Senate brew won 52% to 48%.

On July 21, the Colorado State Senate team composed of Sens. Holbert, Kerr, Jones, Neville, and Steadman brewed Senate Shout Out Stout, which was a mocha stout with dark chocolate and coffee flavors. The Senate won this year after losing last year to the State House. Republican state Sen. Holbert remarked:

“Winning the 2015 Hop the Vote competition means that we get to bring the brewer’s trophy to it’s rightful home in the state Senate. We’re tied now with each chamber scoring a win, which ought to liven up the 2016 competition. It would seem an appropriate peaceful transition of power for the co-captains of the House brewing team to carry our trophy to the Senate and then for them offer their praise of our incredible coffee and chocolate stout. After that, all 100 legislators could meet up at Cannonball Creek Brewing in Golden so that we wannabes can thank them for brewing great beer.”

No word on whether the House will offer unwavering adoration and carry the trophy to the Senate.