Jeffco Public SchoolsIn a Denver Post opinion piece, Radio host Mike Rosen put pen to paper in defense of the Jeffco School Board and destroyed the union’s rationale for recall, but will blood-thirsty voters take heed?

First, Rosen highlighted the union involvement in the recall election. While pro-recallers claim that the effort is driven by parents, that’s clearly false and union fingerprints are all over this effort.

Then, Rosen breaks down each issue:

  • Superintendent’s salary? The union claims are completely false.
  • Hiring a board attorney? Totally unmerited complaint.
  • Violations of open board meetings? Has anyone actually filed a formal complaint? Of course they haven’t. Because there is no violation.

If the board is guilty of anything, it was having a controversial idea – to take a look at new A.P. U.S. history curriculum. And, even this has been justified by the fact that the College Board, the organization that administers the tests, revised the curriculum in response to criticism.

But, here’s the difference between the recall of the gun grabbers and this recall effort. Sens. Giron and Morse actually voted to restrict the constitutional rights of their constituents, who made clear to the legislators prior to their vote that they did not approve of this action. But, in Jeffco, it was simply a proposal put forth – it was never approved.

If Colorado is going to start recalling elected officials for “bad ideas”, the entire Colorado legislature could be in real trouble. Everyone has a controversial idea now and again. Rosen makes obvious that this effort to recall Jeffco School Board members has nothing to do with education and everything to do with the union freaking out because its losing control of the largest school district in the state.