elephant-poopThe Sierra Club and local activists are celebrating the defeat of a green energy system proposed for the Denver Zoo that would have relied on biomass gas to replace fossil fuels.

Say what?

According to the Denver Post’s Bruce Finley, the project’s demise came at a “curious moment” because it was opposed by “passionate” people and activists.

That’s right, it appears that environmentalists ♥ coal and natural gas because they are seemingly taking credit for shutting down a project that some hoped would make the zoo the greenest in the nation.

We think what Finley was trying to say is, Environmentalists 1, Animal Lovers 0.

Zoo officials say they pulled the plug on the project to transform elephant dung, other animal waste and garbage into energy because the technology wasn’t ready for prime time.

No word yet on when, or if, zoo officials will revive the project at a later date.

But, we expect environmentalists will continue to oppose biomass gasification that they claim is harmful to animals, and insist on another form of alternative energy.