800px-BoulderCityscapeThere are some on the left in Boulder who are crying foul over plans for the GOP Debate ticket distribution at the University of Colorado Boulder. They are shocked that the GOP would host an event and want GOP members to attend, you know, as opposed to obnoxious liberals who want to do nothing but disrupt the event meant to inform GOP voters. Shocking.

While lefites are creating drama around this, we felt it was our duty to remind readers that Democrats have a larger issue when it comes to presidential debates – the fact that it appears that they are limiting debates to protect former? front-runner Hillary Clinton. From the bastion of conservative thought (that’s sarcasm), The Washington Post:

“The Democratic Party is embroiled in an increasingly loud argument over the schedule of presidential debates, one that flared up in New Hampshire over the weekend when DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz got heckled by audience members. Senior Dems such as Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean have criticized the DNC. Hillary Clinton’s rivals have charged that the DNC has only scheduled six debates to deny them airtime and protect front-runner Clinton, who has subsequently said she’s open to more debates but won’t say whether she actively wants more of them.”

The left can whine all it wants about the GOP not throwing open the doors to Democrats who want to attend the GOP debate; however, Democrats would be wise to remember the saying “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. In other words, the left can try to use this as a distraction all they want, but the truth is that the GOP is running circles around the Democratic Party in terms of transparency in its primary process.