Colorado SheriffsIn what might be the freedom’s best shot – given the current Democrat control of the Colorado House of Representatives and Governor’s Mansion – a group of county sheriffs on Monday argued their appeal against against the unconstitutional gun control legislation signed into law by Governor John Hickenlooper in 2013.  Since it is unlikely that the Governor will backtrack on these wildly unpopular measures no matter what the legislature does, Coloradans are placing their hope in a benevolent federal judiciary to undo the damage inflicted by Democrat lawmakers who rammed these bills through the legislature without a single Republican vote.

According to CBS‘ Lauren DiSpirito, more than 50 sheriffs and more than 20 former sheriffs signed on to the case that was heard before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver.  Each side had thirty minutes to make their case before a three-judge panel.  Sheriffs argued that the laws were unenforceable. Background checks on private sales between citizens, a prohibition against loaning someone a firearm, and 20-round magazine restrictions are just few conditions of these unnecessary and nonsensical laws that essentially cannot be enforced in any practical manner.

As far as a timeline for a decision, DiSpirito also reported that federal appeals cases usually require four to five months for a ruling to be handed down, but they can move more quickly in certain circumstances.

Until we can replace the Governor in three years and regain a Republican majority in the State House of Representatives, it will be a steep uphill battle to fix these problems through the legislature.  Like the federal courts have done in so many civil rights cases in the past, hopefully the court will rule in favor of law-abiding Coloradans on this constitutional issue.