wildearthLike a whack-a-mole game on steroids, the WildEarth Guardians have popped up again on the Western Slope hoping to wreak havoc with the economy, this time the target is the Bowie Mine near Paonia.

According to Dennis Webb of the Daily Sentinel, the WildEarthers just want the federal government to give the public more notice when it comes to the impact of the coal on the planet, not the actual mining operation.

The group contends the government failed to provide public notice of its decisions or account for the climate impacts of approving expanded coal mining — including the impacts from burning that coal.

There’s a slippery slope lined with bulls$!t if we ever smelled one.

We can’t wait to see what happens when environmental groups start suing other industries based on the actual impact of the finished product. There goes the bird-killing windmill companies, and mountain bikes that cause trail erosion. Does Beer and food causes obesity? And what about flowers and trees that cause allergies? Let’s get Mother Nature on the witness stand, stat!

The Bowie Mine expansion was approved in March, but WildEarthers say it relied on an environmental assessment approved the previous year that did not produce findings that concluded mining caused global warming and would destroy the universe.

Then they tell the truth of the matter:

“It’s time to keep our coal in the ground, not open the door for more mining and more carbon,” Jeremy Nichols of WildEarth Guardians said in a news release.

Stuart Sanderson, president of the Colorado Mining Association, aptly nailed the WildEarthers when he said they want “to impose retroactively through its lawsuit a test that stretches the nation’s environmental laws beyond any reasonable interpretation.”

But, since when have environmentalists allowed reason to stand in their way?