Whole_Foods_Market_logo.svg (1) wikipediaCould you imagine working at the Whole Foods corporate offices in the area responsible for answering the mail from the crazed left-wingers across the country?  It is far more rigorous than the typical communications role at a sleepy brick and mortar retailer or consumer packaged goods company.  When liberals attack out of a sense of self-righteous anger, they get vicious and organized really fast.

That’s exactly what happened when word got out that Whole Foods was purchasing tilapia and goat cheese produced by a Colorado prison work program.  Outraged by the practice of Whole Foods supporting this program that enabled prisoners to learn valuable work skills, protestors actually took over a Houston store.

At issue with the protesters: prisoners were not being paid a living wage.  Hello? They are in prison.  Not only does this program pay something to inmates, but it teaches valuable life and business skills that can be used after release.

Colorado Correctional Industries was the group leading this particular prison work program, and with positive results.  According to the organization’s filings, almost 80% of prisoners who are in its program for at least six months, stay out of jail for at least one year after release.  The national average is around 62%.  But once again, the urge to scream first and think later has overcome a bunch of left wing nutters, and their threats and antics have pushed normal Americans trying to run a legitimate business to run for the hills.

Instead of prisoners earning a modest wage and marketable skills while incarcerated, prisoners are now robbed of that opportunity because of liberals’ shrieking. Oh, and a Colorado company’s business model was undermined.  Great job, guys.