Hillary Rodham ClintonLast week we reported that Gov. Hickenlooper was out of the running as Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential selection after he literally sounded the death knell of her campaign.

We appear to have been wrong. The Clinton campaign announced this week that Hick has instead been promoted to headline her Colorado campaign leadership committee along with vice presidential wannabe-in-waiting, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet.

We’re not exactly sure what a leadership council does and the AP was somewhat vague in its report, except to say that it would allow Hillary to “tap politicians and fundraisers who can generate both grassroots and financial support in the swing state.”

Upon reflection, that explanation is clear as day. Hillary’s willing to forgive Hick his comments, so long as he forks over a bundle of cash for her campaign. That would also explain why Michael “Moneybags” Bennet is on her committee — to share some of the millions of dollars weighing down his campaign war chest that he’s collected from special interests groups outside of Colorado.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Bennet was hedging his bets, angling for a cabinet appointment in a Clinton administration if his reelection campaign goes down in flames. Education secretary, perhaps?

Denver Mayor Wellington Webb is also on Hillary’s leadership council.