Planned Parenthood JeffcoJeffco school board recallers must be getting nervous as the union-backed effort has, again, secured another letter from Planned Parenthood Votes, the political arm (as if there’s another) of Planned Parenthood, in support of the recall. But, the worst part about this letter is its rampant hypocrisy.  Hilariously, in this letter, Planned Parenthood has positioned itself as the arbiter of fact-based education, as opposed to ideological-based education. From the letter:

“These same members were also planning to propose censoring age-appropriate and medically accurate comprehensive sex education, that helps our youth make decisions about healthy relationships and reproductive health.

JeffCo needs leaders that our youth deserve and that our community needs.  With your help, we can help elect a Board that will truly represent what our youth want: education based on facts, not ideology.”

It’s interesting to note that, again, the left is vilifying anyone who dares to just question (not even act on) the left’s ideology. But, what’s even funnier is the reason that Planned Parenthood ideological BFF Progress Now is participating in the election. Here’s what the group told Chalkbeat earlier this year:

“Alan Franklin, political director from Progress Now, a nonprofit progressive advocacy organization said his side of the political spectrum, which has been mostly focused on state-level races, now recognizes the outsized role a school board can have on a community and larger political debates.

‘School boards have a way of influencing students and communities,’ Franklin said. ‘We’d be fools to ignore this battle. Our schools supply the future electorate….”

If Planned Parenthood allegedly is protecting kids from the supposed influence that its political opponents can have on kids, “the future electorate”, just who is protecting our kids from the left’s admitted attempts to influence kids ideologically?

Voters want to know.