Morgan Carroll and MonkeyDespite a recent report that the White House is considering transferring dangerous Gitmo detainees to Colorado, Sen. Morgan Carroll refuses to call on the Obama Administration to take Colorado off the list of sites for consideration.

When asked by the Colorado Independent for her position, Carroll refused to stand up for Coloradans and against the Obama Administration’s plan, saying only:

“Obviously, nobody wants convicted terrorists moving into Colorado — or anywhere else for that matter.”

The Independent also noted that Carroll avoided addressing “whether the facility should be shut down, what should happen to the detainees, or whether all people held in the facility are indeed ‘terrorists.'”

With such a weak and flippant answer on such a serious issue, Carroll showed she is not ready to be a member of Congress, which means putting Coloradans’ needs ahead of her political machine. Bringing terrorists onto American soil and into Colorado is serious business and brushing off the legitimate concerns many voters have is insulting. Fortunately, Congressman Mike Coffman is a vocal opponent of the proposal and fighting to keep terrorists out of Colorado.

Why won’t Carroll take a strong stand on keeping terrorists out of Colorado? It’s because she’s fearful of biting the hand that feeds her.  Or, in this case, will help elect her.