Rep. Salazar

Rep. Salazar

Looks like state Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Rape Whistle) has been making a spectacle of himself, again. This time he showed up at a recent public meeting on drilling in Adams County to throw a hissy fit that he wasn’t invited to the, ahem, public event.

Synergy Resources Corp. held the public hearing at a public school to present details of their efforts at a well site to the public.

The Commerce City Sentinel reported that nearly 400 residents showed up, and when it was Salazar’s turn to speak, here’s the concern he voiced:

 “I’d thank you for the invitation (to the forum), but I didn’t get one. I had to hear about it through other people,” Salazar said. “That’s disrespectful.”

“I know for a fact you will be driving these trucks around House District 31, I think you should have given me the courtesy of providing me an invite,” Salazar said.

This wasn’t a wedding requiring engraved invitations to get in the door, Joe, it was a public hearing which means everyone was invited to attend.