800px-BoulderCityscapeNumerous left wing special interest groups are planning to converge on CU-Boulder at the precise moment that the campus will play host to a nationally-televised Republican presidential debate on October 28.

According to a story published Thursday in the Boulder Daily Camera, groups supporting gender equality, climate change, immigration, and the ditching of fossil fuel investments will unify to promote “the future we want to see.”  Each special interest group in the protest is expected to create a work of art that exhibits how they envision the future.

We can hardly wait to behold the rich tapestry that such a union will produce.

This debate, something that CU leadership had reasonably hoped would shine a very positive light on the flagship campus of the state’s public university system, is quickly threatening to go south, with a small but vocal student groups upset about the university’s allocation of tickets to the event, a “non-partisan” student group that has more than 1,000 people claiming that they will show up at the debate, and now the issue of a clown car caravan of Democrat protesters numbering 10,000 or more.

As we previously noted, liberal CU students don’t have much of a precedent for their complaint.  These debates are carefully made for television events, intended to reach millions through TV and online broadcasts.  Any people in attendance are merely incidental – unless they plan to disrupt the proceedings in any way.  There were only 100 student tickets issued for the debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney at the presidential debate hosted by the University of Denver.  There were just 300 people total in attendance at the Reagan Library for last month’s Republican debate.

Hopefully angry left wingers will not change what should be a positive event for CU into an embarrassing spectacle, but we are not holding our breath.