Cliff Willmeng, bringing respectability and pride back to political office.

Cliff Willmeng, bringing respectability and pride back to political office.

Cliff Willmeng, that whack fractivist who is leading the state amendment charge to obliterate the role of locally elected officials in favor of a communist community Utopia, is running for election to the Lafayette City Council, because hypocrite.

We fully expected in a Q&A published by the Boulder Daily Camera that Willmeng would pledge his first act as an officeholder would be to abolish the city council so his inmates could run the asylum.

But, it turns out that what Willmeng appears to mean when he screams community rights is not so much governing, as just giving the rowdy hordes a place to gather and express their emotions.

Building community involvement in decision-making has been the center of my political work for the last three years. On local issues, participation is a matter of providing a place for the community to express itself and to be heard.

Just so we’re clear, if Willmeng were elected, he would make the decisions for his community, not the other way around as designed by his amendment.

Asked how he would encourage revitalization while protecting the town’s quality of life, Willmeng responded:

As a family that moved to Lafayette for its unique, thoughtful, diverse and affordable culture, I do not feel that our town needs to be revitalized so much as protected. I see economic growth, prosperity and development as something that should take place from the bottom up.

And by bottom up, he said the city council should set the salaries paid by local businesses to workers, the city council should direct the building of housing with rent caps, and the city should collect more taxes to pay for more parks, open spaces, the arts and public transportation.

Since Willmeng is so opposed to fossil fuel, we’re guessing that transportation would not be buses or vehicles that rely on oil, natural gas, or electricity created by coal-fired power plants.

Probably bicycles in the summer, horse-drawn sleighs in the winter.

We don’t endorse Willmeng for the city council race, or election to any public office. However, we concede it would be highly entertaining.