Is that Sen. Michael Bennet behind a mask?

Is that Sen. Michael Bennet behind a mask?

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner is seriously pissed.

The Obama administration appears intent on making Colorado the new home-away-from home for terrorists, who the Democrats feel have been subjected unfairly to the tropical life and require a more drier and cooler climate.

After the AP report Tuesday that Pentagon boots were on the ground in Colorado scoping out the Federal Correctional Complex in Florence and the Canyon City state pen, Gardner issued a missive criticizing the administration as “reckless, illegal and wrong.”

“Coloradans oppose bringing these terrorists to our state, and are making their opposition known through their elected representatives. Why the administration is choosing to ignore the public and ignore the law in an ill-conceived attempt to bring these prisoners onto U.S. soil is a question that they must answer.”

The White House has so far ignored a letter from Gardner last week asking why they were intent on breaking the law, which expressly prohibits this relocation.

And while U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet tries to piggy-back on every move Gardner makes, whether it’s in a press release or attending events and town meetings with the Republican, Bennet has been MIA on the Gitmo transfer since he was busted for being for it, before he was against it.

That’s right, since Bennet came blustering out last week telling the media Defense Department they didn’t have the authority to move the prisoners, it’s been revealed that the Democrat voted against legislation three times that would have blocked the move onto U.S. soil.

Since Bennet’s now up for reelection, he’s trying to duck the welcome wagon for those held responsible for the 911 terrorist attacks. But we’re going to pin this tale on that donkey every chance we get.