FordWay back in 2014, there was a candidate in Jeffco, Nate Marshall, that was totally repugnant to Republicans because of his white supremacist tendencies. According to the Denver Post, he dropped out because “publicity about his arrest record and ties to white-supremacy movements made him a target for Democrats and members of his own party.”

Yes. That would be accurate.

So, imagine our surprise when Denver’s ABC affiliate took this guy seriously because, allegedly, on Facebook he said inappropriate and potentially threatening things to or about the Jeffco teachers union. A simply Google search would have revealed that guy is not on the same page as Republicans and Coloradans. Of course, reporting has never been Channel 7’s strong suit.

Apparently, Marshall also is dealing with some challenging personal issues, including alcoholism and Lou Gehrig’s disease.

But, none of this prevented the media from running with the story.

Of course, the hilarious part of this sad story is the union reaction. JCEA President John Ford said:

“This is extremely personal. Deep down, I know how political rhetoric goes. People get stirred up and say things. This is over the line.”

Excuse us while we laugh about this.

Ford and his team have been perpetrators of some of the most personal, over-the-line political attacks in the state’s history. Their minions commented on a Jeffco staff member’s reproductive organs. It really doesn’t get more personal than that.

While we don’t condone threats of execution, it’s impossible to take seriously any criticism from Ford about inappropriate social media posts. After all, his team broke the mold in terms of horrific and personal social media engagement.