As news spread outside the state that Colorado’s co-op was being shutdown, some folks got confused about which Obamacare offshoot was responsible for creating certain ridiculous promotional campaigns.

The Washington Beacon was quick and caustic in correcting their error:

This original article stated Colorado HealthOP marketed Obamacare as “brosurance.” Those ads were made by Progress Now Colorado. The co-op did not use bros, but instead hired models to market Obamacare in their panties in the early days of the healthcare law. We regret the error.

In the article, the Beacon noted that U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is responsible for the creation of the Colorado HealthOP and that his reelection effort is certain to suffer from the co-op’s malfeasance and collapse.

How could we forget this gem?

“If you have coverage and you like it, you can keep it,” he said. “If you have a doctor and you like him or her you should be able to keep them as well. We will not take those choices away from you.”

Alleigh Marré, a spokesperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, pointed to the co-op’s demise as the latest example that Obamacare continues to take a devastating toll on Americans across the nation.

“Michael Bennet should feel personally responsible for the nearly 83,000 Coloradans who will be left struggling to establish new healthcare because of his misguided and loyal support for Obamacare.”

So far, Bennet hasn’t said a word about the co-op’s impending closure, so we don’t know how he feels. We think it’s a safe bet that the topic will come up, however, when his campaign gets into full swing just as those 83,000 are forced off the insurance rolls.