A new video out shows how far fractivists will go to shove their radical agenda down the throats of average Americans – at any cost. The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund is going to communities across the country, trying to enact community bills of rights, which essentially would allow vocal minorities in communities the ability to prevent economic development that they find distasteful.

The video below cites the $60,000 in taxpayer funds that the Colorado city of Lafayette wasted defending their city from the vultures at the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.

In case you missed this gem from Thomas Linzey, founder of CELDF, let us spell it out for you: “and, if a town goes bankrupt trying to defend one of our ordinances, well, perhaps that is exactly what is needed to trigger a national movement.”

In addition to Lafayette, Colorado, CELDF also has taken Youngstown, Ohio to court to push community bills of rights to the tune of $50,000. In fact, radicals in Youngstown have tried four times too enact a community bill of rights to ban fracking, and each time the community emphatically said no at the ballot.

As much as the left wants to push these community bills of rights as something that the community wants, this is entirely a power grab by a few on many. The people of Youngstown aren’t dumb and they aren’t going to vote away their rights to an irrational mob like CELDF.