Hillary's new running mate?

Hillary’s new running mate?

Hillary Clinton spent 20 years testifying before Congress yesterday, so little attention was given to her endorsement of a radical Colorado amendment to kill the oil and gas industry through so-called local control.

The report in Politico yesterday highlighted comments Hillary made at a recent town hall meeting in New Hampshire about the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Clinton also responded to a question about fracking by reiterating her position that gas is a valuable “bridge” to wean the economy off coal and oil. But she added that it was important to empower local government to reject fracking in their borders.

“There are some places in the country where this extraction technology may be appropriate,” Clinton said. But, she added, “We should also never preempt states and localities from saying no.”

Notice she had nothing to say about preempting states that regulate the industry, from actually saying yes.

She says natural gas is a great tool to kill the coal and oil industry, it’s just that she doesn’t want to develop energy in towns where outside agitators would pretend to be locals in order to kill it.

We imagine that Cliff Willmeng is killing trees even as we write this, to produce new signs and bumper sticker declaring Hillary’s endorsement of his campaign to pass the Colorado Community Rights Amendment.

Hillary is the perfect poster child for the economic damage these fractivists hope desperately to inflict upon us.

We hope they’re happy together.

We can’t wait to hear where her two top supporters in the state stand on the issue of the amendment. Will U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet and Gov. Hickenlooper back her endorsement? Or as her advisors, were they the ones who told her to side with Willmeng in the first place?