Campaign Integrity WatchdogThe circular firing squad is back in full swing, and, as usual, it may have some unusual consequences. In one of the most convoluted stories in some time, the allegedly conservative Campaign Integrity Watchdog is harassing Republican state Senate candidate Bob Gardner for a fine that a client he represented owes to the state in the form of an ethics charge. Here’s what Gardner told the Colorado Springs Gazette about Campaign Integrity Watchdog’s accusations:

Gardner, a Colorado Springs attorney, said the Alliance for a Safe and Independent Woodmen Hills was his client. Attorneys don’t pay the fees courts assess their clients, he said….

“I’m not liable for any fine,” Gardner said. “Anyone who says otherwise and knows better is simply lying, and I would suggest to you that many people who have made that statement know better.”

And, the question is whether they do know better.  If they do, Campaign Integrity Watchdog and its founder and beneficiary Matt Arnold are working to elect national embarrassment Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt to the state Senate. See, Gardner is running in a primary against Klingenschmitt in Colorado Springs. Whether Arnold and his “legal expertise” are trying to help Klingenschmitt or just hurt Gardner out of spite remains to be seen.  And, we’re not suggesting that it’s okay for folks violate campaign finance laws, but it’s clear that Gardner is simply the lawyer for the organization in question, not its operator.

Further, despite Campaign Integrity Watchdog’s claim that it is conservative, it appears to only harass conservative or right-leaning people and organizations.  Colorado already has an organization that does that – Colorado Ethics Watch. It’s funded by some very wealthy Democrats. Perhaps Campaign Integrity Watchdog should focus its energy on busting Democrats for their transgressions, instead of needlessly harassing Republicans.