It looks like Julie Williams’ special needs son was not the only Jeffco School Board Member to be allegedly bullied by recall advocates. As it turns out, the children of Williams’ fellow board member, John Newkirk, also was subjected to cruel treatment by their father’s political opponents. In the video below, Newkirk’s wife explains the graffiti that continued to appear around her five-year old daughter’s school.

She also speaks to those who tried to emotionally hurt her family in the moving video:

I would tell them that this has been a very sad and disappointing experience for our family. And, it is not fair. And, it’s actually cruel to go after the children of an elected official. Go after my husband, he’s strong, he can take it. But, my child was five, my little girl, when this graffiti was written on her school signs. And my children are impressionable, and they are hurt, and it is not fair, and you are wrong to do this to my children.