Please ignore this congresswoman.

Please ignore this congresswoman.

As GOP presidential contenders brush up on their talking points for Wednesday night’s debate in Boulder on jobs and the economy, we’d like to divert their attention for just a moment to touch on issues important to their voters in Colorado.

Since we don’t expect a lot of liberal Democrats to be voting in the Republican primary, they should completely ignore the advice offered by the state’s liberal delegation – U.S. Reps. Diana DeGette, Ed Perlmutter and Jared Polis.

When it comes to creating jobs and strengthening the economy, according to DeGette, Republicans should fund Planned Parenthood. Just because we’re paraphrasing, doesn’t mean that’s not what she sort of said. DeGette also wants higher minimum wages, paid family leave, and equal pay for women. We’re not sure how that creates jobs, but she was apparently on a roll.

Perlmutter wants more wind and solar energy, and not so much of that fossil fuel that is abundant in Colorado, provides thousands of jobs and adds millions of dollars to our economy.

And Polis, he thinks the economy will improve if we address climate change and talk about immigration. Granted, climate change has become an industry unto itself and keeps Cliff Willmeng employed, so that’s one point for the Democrat’s team.

This list is exactly the opposite of what Republicans will want to hear about during the debate, or what will drive them to the polls.

We want to hear how the candidates will pull back on government overregulation that is strangling the natural resources industry and small businesses.

We want them to recognize that the state has certain authority over the feds, especially when it comes to our water and power grid.

We want to hear how taxes will be cut and federal spending decreased.

We really want to hear how they’re going to get us out of the Obamacare mess and support the free market.

In other words, we expect to hear about issues that truly affect jobs and economy, not the wish list of liberal Democrats.