gopNearly 100 CU students chosen to attend tonight’s GOP debate were selected “for diversity” of their academic and social interests, according to the Longmont Times Call.

However, it doesn’t appear that “diversity” included political persuasion or conservative beliefs.

Here’s the breakdown of the “diverse” students who get to attend:

One engineering freshman who declined to state her political views, and others described as “deaf students, business students, student veterans and students interested in social justice and climate change.”

Also attending will be the student body presidents, and students majoring in engineering, history, international affairs, media, political science and economics.

And finally:

Tom Zeiler, director of CU’s international affairs program, said he was contacted by the provost’s office and asked to recommend 10 students. Those students were vetted and Zeiler was then asked to select five from the group.

He selected one graduate student whom he knew to be “fairly conservative” and another undergraduate because he knew she is a Republican.

So, out of the 100 students attending tonight, at least two of them are likely to vote in the Republican primary, because diversity.

As for the other 50 tickets awarded to the university, those will go to the board of regents and their guests, Chancellor Phil DiStefano and his guest, 17 faculty members and 34 for “event volunteers.”