gaspumpDespite the determined efforts of environmentalists seeking to decimate the state’s oil and gas industry, it turns out that the greater majority of us still support driving cars and heating our homes.

That’s according to a new poll conducted for the Colorado Petroleum Council, which found that 82 percent of us think it’s important to produce more oil and gas, and 78 percent support developing those resources in the U.S.

Of particular interest to our GOP guests during tonight’s presidential debate in Boulder should be that 68 percent of Coloradans are more likely to vote for a presidential candidate who supports producing more oil and natural gas.

The telephone survey conducted by Harris Poll contacted 604 Coloradans on Oct. 15th through the 18th and has a four percent margin of error.

“This poll shows that energy is a top issue for voters next year because it plays a key role in job creation and economic growth,” said Tracee Bentley, executive director of the CPC. “Colorado voters understand the opportunities that pro-development policies create and the need for an all-of-the-above energy policy that helps produce more domestic energy and lower energy costs for American consumers.”

Broken down by parties, the number are still strong: 95 percent of Republicans agreed that producing more oil and natural gas in the U.S. is important, so did 84 percent of independents and 69 percent of Democrats. Overall, 85 percent said fossil fuel production creates jobs and 79 percent said it would lower energy costs.

So while Democratic pundits are insisting that candidates during tonight’s debate should address their special interest groups that support social issues, this poll confirms that Coloradans want to hear about jobs, the economy, and most of all, where the candidates stand on the development of oil and gas.