Hillary Rodham ClintonAre Colorado Democrats so desperate to get U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet reelected that they are actually relying on the tarnished coattails of Hillary Clinton to carry him to victory?

Yes, they are.

A tracker for America Rising captured video this week of Gov. Hickenlooper at an event for Hillary saying just that.

 HICKENLOOPER: I’m also here channeling Michael Bennet, who couldn’t be here, but he’s the co-chair with me on this thing, and we have been strategizing on things we can do to help Hillary so there’ll be more to come from that front…I think one of the greatest things about Hillary –you know, she’s getting more and more momentum, more, more, more pure velocity –is that she’s also going to make sure we reelect Michael Bennet to the U.S. senate. She’s gonna have coattails.

With Hillary’s approval ratings in Colorado stagnated at 35 percent, it doesn’t look as if those coattails are very long. Bennet isn’t doing much better with only 41 percent of approval among voters.

It wasn’t too long ago that Hickenlooper was sounding the death knell for Hillary’s campaign, but that was before she named the governor and Bennet to her leadership committee.

Earlier this week, Hickenlooper claimed to have the powers of the attorney general to conduct the state’s legal business, and now he’s “channeling” Bennet at campaign appearances.

Hick’s talents as a chameleon are well served in the Democratic Party and we think he’s still in the running for Hillary’s VP slot.