ProtestJust 21 hours ago, left-leaning Al Jazeera reported that “thousands” would protest the CNBC GOP Debate, yet, the reality was a far cry from thousands. Here’s who and how many Al Jazeera initially predicted:

“Many of the protests fall under the umbrella of progressive student groups at the University of Colorado at Boulder, including a March for Civic Engagement and rally that organizers hope will draw 10,000 people. Gary Roland, a student organizer, said participating groups were asked to bring art that demonstrates their vision for the future, The Daily Camera, a campus newspaper, reported.”

Hilariously, after the debate, CBS News reported that “as expected, dozens of protesters showed up outside Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate in Colorado.”

As expected? By whom? Certainly not Al Jazeera or the screaming left. Of course, it’s funny that the left wants to protest the GOP debate when hosting their own debates required public shaming.

Perhaps even more pathetic were the grandiose statements the left provided outlets like Al Jazeera prior to the event, such as this:

“The march is a demonstration of the future we’re building, and so rather than actually calling out the parties, we’ll tell them, ‘The future we envision is this.'”

If a few stragglers protesting is the message the left wants to send about the future they envision, message received. We’d like to envision a future with fewer on the left than expected, too.