Denver SkylineFormer New York City Mayor and Nannystater Michael Bloomberg was silent the past election, but he’s back in action in 2015, donating $150,000 to help pass a tax increase in Denver that allegedly would help fund college scholarships. Needless to say, this is not a legitimate function of government and the lack of examination over why college is so expensive is disheartening. And, it’s not just the Peak that thinks this tax increase is a bad idea. The Denver Post also editorialized against it, saying:

“When the central committee of Denver’s Democratic Party votes 94-69 against a proposal to raise taxes to support higher education, you know the plan must be pushing the boundary of what most people conceive as an acceptable use of municipal resources.

And that’s what Measure 2A does.

Except we don’t think 2A just pushes the boundary. We think it shatters it.”

A quick look at the same campaign finance report that contains the Bloomberg donation also shows some of the left’s usual suspects. First, there is Strategies 360, which is the same firm that represents the teachers unions in Jefferson County and Douglas County, and let’s not forget the same firm that supports the Jeffco school board recall effort. Then, you have Rachel Gordon’s consulting firm. Gordon is a director of the BlueFlower Fund, a pro-Democratic woman fundraising operation. Here’s a little about Gordon:

“Rachel Gordon joined the BlueFlower board in 2015. She owns the fundraising firm RKG Development. She previously worked for the Democratic National Convention 2008 Host Committee, Cary Kennedy for Treasurer, and in the U.S. Congress….”

Also listed as recipients of funding from this ill-conceived idea are former recalled Senate President John Morse. the Democrats’ data arm, NGP Van, and Grassroots Campaigns, Inc., which lists just about every left-wing organization you would expect as a current or former client. If Bloomberg’s donation wasn’t enough, these participants should convince any hard-right to middle-left voter in Denver that this tax increase is a bad idea.