Your vote countsFinally election day is here. If you have not turned in your ballots, what are you waiting for?  PeakNation™, here is a handy link to help you find a voting location (and get a sticker!). While this is an off-year election meaning that there isn’t a presidential election or state or U.S. representatives on the ballot, this year is just as exciting.

It’s probably not necessary to note that all eyes across the country are on the Jeffco School Board recall election. In fact, Ballotpedia called this election the top local election to watch, and with good reason. This is yet another showdown between union thugs and reformers. Talking heads are predicting that over $1 million will be spent on the race. As of this morning the turnout looked like this:

TOTAL: 136,500

R: 49,800

D: 45,400

U: 40,000

The nation will see whether reformers will be able to hang on to the board majority, but it could be close, so if you’re in Jeffco definitely get your ballot in. Douglas County School District, which cut ties with the teachers union, also could be a close race between union-backed faux Republican candidates (who are oddly supported by the Democratic Party) and true reformers. If you live in Douglas County, it’s important to submit your ballots.

Jeffco and Dougco are not the only school boards up for grabs tonight. Denver Public Schools, which competes with Jeffco for title of the state’s largest district, also is facing a battle between union hacks and reformers. Over the weekend, the union hacks made fools of themselves with the Denver Post when one admitted that he choiced his kids into a school other than the school they were scheduled to attend, but did not support for choice for other parents.

Thompson School District, Colorado Springs District 11, Aurora, Adams12 ,Greeley, Steamboat Springs, and Lewis Palmer District 38 also are big races in Colorado.

Then, there are the tax increases. Denver is proposing three separate tax increases: 2A which is the college affordability sales tax, 2B which is the retention of marijuana taxes, and 2C which is a tax increase to pay for the Western Convention Center and the Colorado Convention Center.  Colorado Springs also is proposing a tax increase to repair roads and infrastructure.

We will be covering all of these races and more tonight, so stay tuned.