MorganCarroll smallMorgan Caroll refuses to say whom she would vote for House Speaker if she should defeat incumbent U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman in the race for the District 6 seat.

Specifically, the Democrat won’t say whether she would support the party’s leader, Nancy Pelosi.

In light of the recent upheaval in Washington, especially as it relates to who will lead the House, this is kinda important.

In the speaker election held last week, the overwhelming majority of Democrats supported Pelosi. Thankfully, she didn’t win, but Pelosi will continue to serve as the minority leader.

America Rising, quickly becoming our favorite political organization of gotcha video, caught up with Caroll, twice, to ask the candidate a typical question: who would she support for House leader.

In both videos, Caroll smugly refuses to answer. In the first she can’t seem to tear herself way from a plate of French fries while walking down the street with a campaign aide. In the second, she is with the same aide and both are dressed in formal attire, probably going to a fundraiser.

“Voting for the Speaker of the House is one of the first leadership decisions one will make if elected to Congress. Dodging such an important question is not only unacceptable to the people they’re hoping to represent, but it’s also politics at its worst,” said Dan Knight spokesman for America Rising.

If Caroll is running away from a straight-forward question as to how she would vote on her first action as congresswoman, then we won’t hold our breath to hear how she would vote on other matters important to Colorado.

Her voters deserve an honest answer, not greasy silence.