Jeffco Public SchoolsThe die was cast in Jeffco approximately two years ago when the conservative reform majority surprised the union by taking over the school board. Since then, the Jefferson County Education Association has been working to take the board of the state’s second largest school district back.  So, yes, tonight, the unions won, but not because of the public’s repudiation of reform ideas, but because of the union’s disgusting tactics in every district in which it played.

If this was a call to action for conservatives, it’s a call to organize. To run disciplined and ruthless campaigns. To undercut the union at every turn and to expose unions as the liars they are. To bring boots on the ground and run a 24/7, 365-day-per-year campaign.

In Jeffco, the likelihood of winning once the petition made the ballot was slim. According to an analysis of recall elections, 307 school board recalls have been attempted. Of those 307, 58 have actually had legs. Of the 58, 24 officials were kicked out, 21 resigned, and 13 beat the school board recall attempt. Further, according to the analysis, most successful recall attempts result in a clean sweep. With this data, Jeffco’s results should not be surprising.

Given the union resources dedicated to creating unrest and discord within school boards in Thompson School District and Douglas County School District, those results should not be surprising either.

While Jeffco’s board majority was replaced and Douglas lost three board seats, they are not the real losers in this equation. It’s parents and kids that are the real losers tonight given the union’s proclaimed anti-choice positions.

Have a few beers and chin up, happy warriors. We win some, we lose some, but it’s time to get ready for 2016.