Terrorism is funny!

Terrorism is funny!

Did you hear the joke about the Gitmo terrorists being transferred to a Colorado prison?

Neither did we, but Democratic Congressional candidate Morgan Carroll seems to think it’s all a big joke, and laughed when asked if she agreed with President Obama’s plans to do just that.

The video and question was shot by America Rising. The group has been trailing Carroll of late, asking her questions that are important to Colorado voters – all of which she has ignored.

“Morgan Carroll’s refusal to comment on one of the most significant national security issues, one that could impact Colorado immensely, is a disservice to Colorado voters. What’s more, her pattern of avoiding important questions demonstrates Carroll isn’t prepared to tackle the responsibilities of representing 6th district voters in Washington,” said Dan Knight of America Rising.

U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, whom Carroll dreams of unseating, has made no secret of where he stand on the transfer:

Neither has U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, who is leading the effort in the Senate to unmask Obama’s secret plan to conduct the illegal transfer. Here’s what Gardner had to say today during a press conference:

“It’s clear that President Obama will continue to place political promises ahead of national security, with the approval of Secretary Clinton. Hillary Clinton approves of the political promise to be fulfilled over the wishes and over the security of the American people.”

If Carroll agrees with her Democratic president, and the leading Democratic candidate to replace Obama, that detainees should be transferred to the U.S. and possibly Colorado, she should at least have the guts to state and defend her position.

This is not a laughing matter.