This is what global warming does to you. Just kidding, it's a lame puppet brought to a protest.

This is what global warming does to you. Just kidding, it’s a leftist’s puppet brought to a protest.

Yesterday, fractivists from all over the country walked to Colorado barefoot to protest fossil fuels. Just kidding. They hopped on planes and drove in cars to show up here to protest the very fossil fuels that delivered their a$$e$ to Colorado.

The group showed up to protest the leasing of 90,000 acres of public lands in the Pawnee National Grasslands from the Bureau of Land Management. The protest was orchestrated by, Center for Biological Diversity, Food and Water Watch, Rainforest Action Network and other big money enviro groups.

According to reports, it was not enough that the protesters’ voices be heard, but they also blocked the entrance to the auction so that potential bidders could not participate. Lame. Here’s what Aaron Johnson at Western Energy Alliance had to say about the protests:

“To paid protesters, these environmentally protective plans worked out through a lengthy public process that balance economic growth with environmental protection are irrelevant. It’s much simpler to make a scene by shouting, waving signs and blocking traffic at rallies across the West.”

It’s just too bad that these enviro groups are such science deniers.