Cary KennedyFollowing news of the resignation of Joe “Rising Sex Star” Garcia, the chattering class wondered whether Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper would pick a weakling to make way for former Secretary of the Interior and former U.S. Senator Ken Salazar or pick his heir apparent.

Democratic sources now say that the Governor will do the latter – pick his heir apparent. And, who is this chosen one? Rumor has it, Hick has hand-selected Cary Kennedy, who currently serves as the City and County of Denver’s Chief Financial Officer. She also was a Colorado State Treasurer and, apparently, is proud of the fact that she led the fight to dismantle TABOR.

That the “resign and replace” model has been the m.o. for the Democratic Party for some time does not make it any less disturbing. The Evie Hudak seat is one that comes to mind.

More and more, Democrats are trying to “fix” the electoral process. From their lack of debates, to scheduling debates on nights when nobody is paying attention, to anointing the next Governor of Colorado, the lack of transparency and lack of inclusion of the grassroots around elections is appalling.

And, what about other Democrats who might want to run for this position? Might they want a fair shot at winning the election? Are they pissed that Hick is giving them the shaft?

Either way, the political class is waiting to see if Hick will clear the field for Kennedy.