Letter to HickenlooperA group of Colorado State legislators sent a letter to Governor John Hickenlooper who promised to allow Syrian refugees asylum in Colorado despite there being no clear vetting process to weed out potential terrorists. Here’s an excerpt from the letter:

“As representatives for the citizens of Colorado, we strongly believe that our single most important job is ensuring the safety of our friends, families, and neighbors.

“Therefore, given the recent tragic events in Paris, we call on you to inform the federal government that you are joining hands with twenty-nine other Governors from both parties to call for a suspension of Syrian refugee resettlement until Congress has, by joint resolution, affirmed the adequacy of the vetting process for all refugees.

“In your statement Monday, you rightly voiced concern regarding adequate vetting of refugees. We ask you stand behind that statement and call for bipartisan congressional review and approval of the vetting process. To protect our citizens, we must identify and reject terrorists hiding their true identities, motives, and plans.”

The letter is signed by members of the Colorado House and Senate. It’s interesting to note that not one Democrat signed the letter, despite Mother Jones giving national Democrats like Sen. Charles Schumer political cover to come and ask for a “pause” on the the plans to import Syrian refugees. And, despite poll number showing that politicians who remain thoughtful in asking for reassurances that we are not inadvertently importing terrorists as we work to help victims of terrorism.

It’s also worth noting that 31 state governors, including the Democrat Governor of New Hampshire and 10 of the 18 Western States Governors, have called for such a suspension. If an appropriate process can be carved out, there’s nothing that says Syrian refugees wouldn’t be welcome in Colorado. Frankly, as much as those who have signed the letters might cringe in this comparison, it’s not terribly different from the position of Democratic U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter.  Here’s what he told the Denver Post:

“I believe the U.S., as part of an international coalition of countries, should accept Syrian refugees after careful screening and applying all measures in place to prevent terrorists from coming to the U.S.” (the Peak‘s emphasis)

Democrats who live in glass houses should probably not throw stones, particularly when polls show that Republicans are right on this issue.