Tipton to Bennet: "Where you at, bro?" (paraphrased)

Tipton to Bennet: “Where you at, bro?” (paraphrased)

Last week, we noted that embattled U.S. Senator Michael Bennet danced around questions about where he stood on relocating Syrian refugees to the United States, telling reporters that he was still evaluating the legislation (which we later learned was approximately four-and-one-half pages long – slow readers over there). Now, it’s ten days after the November 13th Paris attacks and Colorado still has no idea where Bennet stands on the refugee situation.

Rep. Scott Tipton is calling Bennet out for his silence on U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s threats to veto the SAFE Act, which would strengthen the national-security vetting process to better ensure terrorists are not able to enter the United States via taking advantage of humanitarian programs. Here’s Tipton’s message for Sen. Bennet:

“Yesterday, a veto-proof bipartisan majority of the House took action to suspend the admission of refugees from Syria into the U.S. until more stringent verification of their identities and backgrounds is possible. President Obama and Governor Hickenlooper have both called for stringent verification of refugees, and the bill we passed would ensure that happens.  This is a commonsense security measure with broad support, and yet it’s been radio silence from Senator Bennet while Harry Reid threatens to block even debating it in the Senate. Governor Hickenlooper refused to take a stand for the people of Colorado on this issue, and instead chose to stand behind the President’s unilateral actions. I’m calling for Senator Bennet to step out from behind Harry Reid’s shadow to lead in the Senate and support this bipartisan legislation that protects Americans’ security. You can’t be non-committal when national security is at stake. It is too important to remain silent on—Coloradans deserve leaders who will put their security first.”

Your move, Sen. Bennet. Or not. We can revisit this again on Day 11.