Cynthia Coffman

Cynthia Coffman

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman on Friday asked the Colorado Supreme Court to dismiss Governor Hickenlooper’s lawsuit that would force Coffman to drop three cases that challenge illegal federal environmental regulations. Coffman, along with several other states, already has won two court judgments preventing the implementation of Environmental Protection Agency regulations that would harm Colorado’s economy.

From the filing:

“….even when the Governor and the Attorney General split along party lines, the Attorney General has not only the authority but also the public duty to seek judicial review to protect the legal interests of Colorado and its People.”

In this case, Coffman is protecting Colorado from massive federal government overreach, something we would think that the Governor of Colorado, regardless of political affiliation, would welcome. Perhaps Hick is feeling pressure from D.C. since he may or may not be considered for a Veep slot (more likely not), or maybe he genuinely believes in the outsourcing of environmental regulation to bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

Either way, Coffman is not Hick’s appointed position, she’s elected to her post. She serves the people of Colorado, not Hickenlooper, as much as he wishes that she reports to him. Coffman is right to maintain her independence and the court should recognize her responsibility to the people of Colorado.