Hick Syria

Gov. Hickenlooper defended his position on CNN this weekend to allow Syrian refugees to resettle in Colorado with the argument that if we don’t, then the terrorists will have won.

Hick also insisted that refugees have never committed an act of terror in the U.S. Technically, he might be correct — the Boston bombers weren’t refugees from Chechnya, their parents were.

And, these guys were arrested before they could launch a terrorist attack.

But we digress.

According to Hick, here’s how the terrorists win:

“Legally, governors can’t say ‘you can’t drive through their state, you have the freedom of mobility,’ that’s one of the reasons ISIS hates us,” Hickenlooper said.

Terrorists don’t come into the U.S. as refugees, they come here on student and tourist visas, said the governor, who we hope was implying that Aspen and Boulder should be put on lock-down.

“A terrorist is not going to go through a refugee program where they spend two-and-a-half to four years of intensive interrogation and process, these are tailors and candlestick makers, these are mostly orphans and widows … I think if we send them away, we’re playing right into ISIS’s hands,” Hickenlooper said.

Again, technically correct. ISIS terrorists haven’t attacked us in the U.S., they are only threatening to, and Syrian refugees have only participated in terrorist attacks in Paris, that we know of.

However, we were distressed to learn from Hick that widows and orphans are being brutally interrogated by U.S. bureaucrats. And, that the candlestick and tailor industry workforce is about to be inundated with foreign-born workers, putting more Americans out of work.

Hick’s arguments in favor of resettling refugees was so weak, we were embarrassed to watch him.