After seeing her Colorado poll numbers, it’s not shocking that she got her ass on a plane to Denver. But, if Clinton was hoping to polish Colorado’s perception of her, coming to Colorado only to stump for gun control and penalizing the oil and gas industry shows a stunning lack of understanding of our electorate.

First, the gun control. According to a tweet from 9News’ Brandon Rittiman, Clinton wants gun control to be a voting issue.  Just see below.

To help educate Clinton, we thought it might be helpful to review of some of the polling on this issue here in Colorful Colorado. A July 2015 Quinnipiac poll found that voters oppose gun control laws 56 to 39 percent. Notably, independent voter oppose gun control laws 59 to 35 percent.

So, when Clinton says that she wants this to be a voting issue, we say, “Us too!” Please, please, please campaign in Colorado on gun control. Please?

Then, there was the serious gaffe of calling for penalties on oil and gas industry. You know, the same industry that employs hundreds of thousands of Coloradans, contributes millions of tax dollars to infrastructure and education, and provides cheap energy for Coloradans. Watch the video below.

In fact, her talking points were so off-key for Colorado that we had to think that maybe she left her Colorado speech at home and was relying solely on tired messages from New York State. We have news for you Secretary Clinton, New York-specific ramblings didn’t work for Michael Bloomberg in Colorado and they won’t work for you.