Hillary Rodham ClintonDuring her campaign visit to Colorado this week, presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton told KCNC’s Shaun Boyd she had not made up her mind on whether President Obama should bypass Congress to move Gitmo terrorists to the U.S.

“I have, as Secretary of State, supported the closing of Guantanamo and did everything I could to move prisoners there back to countries that could take them. But I’m not going to prejudge whatever the President proposes because I think we have to weigh all of the, you know, pros and cons, and I want to wait to see what the plan is.”

Not only has she supported the closing of Gitmo, it was actually Hillary’s idea that Obama bypass Congress to make it so.

According to Newsweek, one of Hillary’s last moves as Secretary of State was “to prod her boss to do more.”

 Her memo was replete with practical suggestions for moving ahead on Gitmo. Chief among them … Clinton pointed out that the administration could use “national-security waivers” to circumvent the (congressional) restriction.

So why did Hillary waffle on the question posed by Boyd? Probably for the same reason that U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet was for the closing of Gitmo before he was against it – it’s not expedient to support such a groundless decision just months before an election.