hippiesBoulder is hanging its head in shame over a recent lefty report that harangued the community for being mostly white and not concerned enough about other ethnicities and race.

“Boulder County has a reputation for being “open” at least when it comes to certain progressive ideals. We have an opportunity for improvement, however, when it comes to immigrants and racial or ethnic minorities, the community foundation survey in 2015 found that those surveyed ranked our openness to groups of immigrants and to people of color at the bottom of the list, with openness towards gays and lesbians and young adults without children at the top.”

That’s because nearly 80 percent of Boulder is all white, with only 13 percent Latino, one percent black, and four percent Asian, the report said.

The report spanks Boulderites for only having a population of 11 percent of foreign-born residents. On the upside, less than 98,000 were actually from Colorado, while more than 166,000 were from other states, so in Boulder’s rose-colored glasses, that was good.

Topping off the shame, we guess, 30 percent of immigrants were here legally, so 70 percent were on tourist or student visas, or here illegally, so they don’t have residence status.

(Mayor Suzanne) Jones said the reputation Boulder and surrounding communities enjoy as being accepting of a broad spectrum of political beliefs and social practices is not always matched by the reality.

“We have inclusivity aspirations that we are working to live up to,” Jones said.

The Boulder City Council plans to hit back at this report that says the town is too white by voting on a declaration that essentially welcomes refugees of the Syrian persuasion.

That, Boulderites believe, will prove they are accepting of people with different political beliefs.

Socialists and ISIS living in peace and harmony? Good luck with that.